2023 farewell: Kaduna Scholars Praise for Commitment to Peace,  Unity 

Photo: Network of Peace Journalists, Kaduna

As the world joyfully ushered in 2024, the Network of Peace Journalists Kaduna (NPJK) took a moment to commend scholars from both the Muslim and Christian communities across all 23 local governments for promoting peace and unity in the state.

 According to the group, their unwavering dedication to ceaseless prayers for peace and unity throughout 2023 has not gone unnoticed.

In a statement released by the group’s team leader, Ibrahima Yakubu, expressed profound appreciation for the remarkable efforts of Islamic and Christian scholars.

 He emphasized that their collective prayers and fasting have played a crucial role in safeguarding the nation, and only divine recognition can truly reward their marvelous contributions.

Yakubu asserted that the prayers of these scholars have been instrumental in averting various challenges, underscoring the importance of continuous supplication to overcome issues impeding progress in the northern part of the country.

Also acknowledging the invaluable role of the Kaduna Peace Commission, Yakubu thanked them for their unwavering commitment to promoting peace and unity.

 The Interfaith Mediation Centre Kaduna (IMC) also received commendation for fostering religious tolerance and understanding among diverse faith-based organizations.

Furthermore, the Network applauded the efforts of Mercy Corps for their impactful peace-building training for Kaduna journalists.

He said the initiative has equipped reporters with the tools to adhere to early warning and early response measures, along with the vital principle of ‘Do Not Harm.’

Yakubu called upon the Kaduna State Government to revive ‘Operation Yaki’ to tackle criminal activities and address general security challenges plaguing the state. 

“The plea is made with the hope of restoring peace and security to the state” he said 


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