Christmas: Kaduna Gov’t  donates foodstuffs to Tudun Biri Christians After Airstrike Tragedy

Kaduna State government, represented by the Overseeing Commissioner of the Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Samuel Aruwan, on Monday, donated foodstuffs to the Christian residents of Tudun Biri village for Christmas.

 The village had been mistakenly attacked by military drones on December 3, 2023, resulting in the loss of over 100 lives.

Commissioner Aruwan, who joined the villagers in celebrations, urged them to have faith in the creator regarding the tragic incident. 

The donated food items were presented as Christmas gifts on behalf of the state government, with reassurances that justice would soon be served for their losses.

Addressing the congregation, Commissioner Aruwan stated, “We are here to join celebrate the Tudun Biri Community in celebrating Christmas and to extend solidarity with them. 

“It’s important to rekindle hope and spiritual rejuvenation, letting them know they are not alone. The people of Kaduna State, the government, Federal government, and the Armed forces are with them.” 

He emphasized ongoing efforts by both state and federal governments to improve the lives of villagers, acknowledging the airstrike as an unfortunate incident in the community.

 The Commissioner highlighted the unity displayed, noting the presence of Muslims in the church as a clear indication of the shared identity of the people.

Providing an update on government promises, Commissioner Aruwan mentioned the commencement of road construction leading to the village. 

He also assured the villagers that security plans for the area were in progress, emphasizing the continuous presence of the military and routine patrols since the incident.

Reverend Musa Saidu, the Church Reverend, initially acknowledged concerns among the Christian community about celebrating Christmas in the village. However, he mentioned that Commissioner Aruwan’s assurance of safety encouraged them to gather in the church, as they had in previous years.

Reverend Saidu explained instances of religious tolerance in the village, where the church assisted Muslims with a faulty loudspeaker during Friday prayers.

 Reflecting on past challenges, he recalled an incident six years ago when bandits chased them during a church service.

The Reverend appealed to the government to provide opportunities for youths who have completed their secondary education. Other villagers echoed the sentiment that this year’s Christmas came amidst mourning over the tragic incident that claimed many lives in the village.


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