Tragedy:  Villagers bombed during Maulud Celebration in Kaduna

In Tudun Biri, a community within the Igabi Local Government Area of Kaduna State, a somber incident unfolded when a bomb, dropped by a Nigerian Air Force jet, shattered the tranquility of a Maulud celebration on Sunday around 9:00 pm.

Although the details of the incident remain hazy, initial reports indicate a grievous loss of approximately 30 lives. The bomb struck as villagers gathered for the Maulud festivities in the village.

A resident recounted, “They were in the midst of celebrating Maulud when the jet released the bomb, claiming the lives of more than 30 people instantly.”

Concerns linger about the possibility of a rising death toll.

When questioned about the casualties, Samuel Aruwan from the State Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs chose not to disclose figures. Instead, he stated that the government would address the media in a press conference at the Government House, noting, “We will provide updates on the situation during a security meeting later. Let’s convene at 10 am.”


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