We deducted workers’ salaries to repay their loans.. Sokoto gov’t

Photo: Governor Aliyu of Sokoto

By AI, Sokoto

The Sokoto state government clarified that the salaries of some workers have been deducted to settle loans owed to certain banks.

Rural post gathered that some workers have been in debt to their creditors for months without receiving payment.

It was learned that the immediate past government had made similar deductions but failed to remit the money, leaving the workers still indebted.

Speaking to newsmen on Thursday, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Abba Muhammad Mu’alledi, explained that the deduction was intended to repay loans owed to some banks by the workers.

The Permanent Secretary added that some workers owed money to two different banks.

“So it is not our doing; we have no option but to repay their loans because we (the government) stand as their guarantors,” he said.

Addressing the workers’ concern about the possibility of the money not being remitted to the banks, as was the case during the immediate past government, he stated that the money was remitted and challenged them to verify.

He advised the workers against taking loans from different banks.


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