Federal Fire Service  Issues Warning Ahead of Harmattan Season

The Kaduna State Command of the Federal Fire Service, under the leadership of Sadiq Usman, has issued a warning to residents of the state as the Harmattan Season approaches. 

He said their primary focus is on safeguarding lives and property, as climate-related incidents continue to rise in the country.

He explained that the  Federal Fire Service is taking proactive measures to prevent predictable disasters, especially Harmattan-related fires.

 Additionally, he stresses the significance of early warning systems and early actions to avert humanitarian crises, particularly in vulnerable and remote areas.

Sadiq Usman emphasized, “To maintain a state of readiness and enable swift responses during emergencies, the Federal Fire Service urges Kaduna state’s host communities to actively engage in risk management. This includes sharing timely information with relevant stakeholders and collaborating with the Federal Fire Service to raise public awareness and enhance risk mitigation.”

He further advised the public to heed early warnings about Harmattan-related fire emergencies. 

He said the combination of dropping temperatures, strong winds, and increased use of heating sources during this season significantly increases the risk of fires and related emergencies.

Sadiq said  the Federal Fire Service assures the public of their readiness to respond effectively to fire outbreaks and other emergencies, underscoring their unwavering commitment to serving the people of Kaduna state.


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