Judicial Commission: Ex- Commissioner returns Tractor to Sokoto Gov’t 

Photo: Umaru Bature, ex Commissioner

From A.I Sokoto

Former Commissioner of Water Resources, Umaru Bature, has returned the tractor that was leased to him by the Aminu Tambuwal-led government.

At the resumed hearing of the Sokoto State Commission of Inquiry on Thursday, Bature, who is now the National Organizing Secretary of the PDP, stated that the tractor was refurbished but lacked implements when it was leased to him.

“I fixed it, changed the tires, and rehabilitated the engine. Even this year, I changed the tires because I used it during the rainy season.

“When I left in September 2021, I wanted to return it, but they said I should hold on until they request it.

“As I received the summons from the commission on the 23rd of September, I made sure the tractor was returned to the Ministry of Agriculture’s storage, and on the 26th of this month, a report was generated regarding the return of the tractor by the Commissioner of Agriculture.

“On the 29th of September, I received an acknowledgment letter from the ministry regarding the return of the tractor,” he said.

The report and the acknowledgment letter were later accepted by the Commission.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Commission, Justice Mu’azu Pindiga, has adjourned the hearing until October 7 for further proceedings.


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