Militants Attack Claims 12 Soldiers lives in Niger Republic

Photo: Niger’s Military ruler Chiani

In a recent incident, a band of hundreds of Islamist militants on motorcycles launched a brutal assault on a town in south-western Niger, resulting in the tragic loss of 12 soldiers, as reported by the defense ministry. 

This grim toll includes seven soldiers who fell in combat and five who perished in a road accident while rushing to respond to the attack. In response, the defense minister revealed that a counter-offensive had successfully eliminated over 100 militants.

The surge in jihadist attacks on the military has been notable since the military assumed power in July, citing the need for enhanced efforts against the militants, some of whom have affiliations with al-Qaeda and the Islamic State group.

Furthermore, the junta has issued an order for the departure of French troops stationed in the country, following French President Emmanuel Macron’s recent agreement to withdraw them. 

The situation became so tense that the French ambassador was forced to leave Niger after enduring a weeks-long blockade imposed by the junta in the embassy. Sylvain Itté, now back in Paris, conveyed that the intention behind this blockade was to exert pressure on him.


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