World Peace Day: JNI, CAN urge Nigerians to Embrace Peace

Jama’atul Nasril Islam (JNI) and the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) have jointly called upon Nigerians to embrace peace and actively promote harmonious coexistence as essential elements for the country’s development.

These two religious bodies made this appeal during the celebration of International World Day of Peace, organized by the Kaduna Peace Commission, Mercy Corps, Global Peace Development, and Action Aid, held in Kaduna State on Wednesday.

Malam Ibrahim Kufena, the JNI State Chairman, stressed that Nigerians must learn to value living in peace and harmony with one another, regardless of their differences.

 He emphasized that peace is a prerequisite for the progress of the nation and that achieving it often requires sacrifices.

Similarly, CAN State Secretary, Reverend Ma’aji Caleb, reminded Christians that their religious scripture teaches them to coexist peacefully with others. 

He encouraged both Muslims and Christians to recognize peace as their shared responsibility and work together to restore and promote it in the state and the entire country.

Dr. Saleh B. Momale, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Kaduna State Peace Commission, highlighted this year’s peace day theme, “Actions for Peace: Our Ambition for Global Goals,” as a call to action.

 He emphasized the urgent need for individuals and groups to collectively take responsibility in pursuing peace.

 He urged all citizens to contribute, no matter how small, within their spheres of influence, to the noble goal of achieving lasting peace. This collective effort he explained aims to foster peace within families, communities, villages, cities, states, countries, and ultimately throughout the world.


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