Police brutality against Journalists must stop

The police brutality against two journalists in Kano today 20-9-2023 is a matter that continues to be deeply condemnable and raises serious concerns about press freedom and human rights within the region.

 Journalists play an indispensable role in a democratic society by informing the public, fostering accountability, and upholding transparency. 

When journalists face violence and intimidation from law enforcement, it not only stifles their ability to report objectively but also undermines the democratic principles upon which our society is built.

The demand for justice for the two journalists who have fallen victim to this brutality is not merely a call for accountability; it is a cry for the protection of our fundamental freedoms. 

The right to freedom of expression and the press is enshrined in our constitution and international human rights standards, and any violation of these rights should be met with swift and transparent action. 

These incidents highlight the urgent need for law enforcement agencies to undergo thorough training on respecting the rights of journalists and citizens alike, as well as for a robust mechanism to hold those who abuse their power accountable.

It is essential for the authorities in Kano, as well as the broader Nigerian government, to take these incidents seriously, investigate them thoroughly, and ensure that justice is served. 

Protecting journalists is not just a matter of safeguarding their individual rights; it is about preserving the integrity of our democracy and ensuring that the voices of the people are heard without fear or favor.

 The condemnation of police brutality against journalists should serve as a reminder of the ongoing battle for press freedom and human rights in Nigeria and the world at large.


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