Zamfara Lawmaker seeks construction of 33.8 km roads in Gummi LGA

Photo: Rt Honorable Speaker Biliyaminu Moriki

Honourable Bashir Aliyu Gummi, the representative for Gummi 1 Constituency, passionately appealed to the Zamfara State Government to embark on the construction of a 33.8 km road network within Gummi Local Government Area. 

This plea aimed to alleviate the challenges faced by the local population was made during a session at the Assembly.

 Honourable Gummi urged his fellow colleagues to unite in support of this cause, emphasizing the importance of the state government’s involvement in building the proposed road network. 

The  roads encompass crucial links: from Gummi to Falale (11 km), Falale to Iyaka (3.7 km), Iyaka to Birnin Tudu (7.63 km), and Birnin Tudu to Daki Takwas (11.44 km), all within Gummi LGA.

Honourable Bashir stressed that the construction of these roads would have a transformative impact, aiding communities in transporting their agricultural products, fostering commercial activities, and easing their interactions with neighboring areas and the State capital.

Honourable Amiru Ahmed, Chairman of the House Committee on Information, Culture, and Tourism, commended Honourable Bashiru Abubakar Gummi for his dedicated representation and called upon fellow members to lend their support to this important endeavor.

Speaker Rt. Hon. Bilyaminu Ismaíl Moriki directed the House’s Clerk, Alhaji Shehu Saidu Anka, to draft and issue a resolution, urging the State Government to prioritize the construction of these vital road connections, to offer relief to the affected communities.


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