Niger Junta accuses French of violating airspace

Niger’s junta accused French troops of violating the country’s airspace and attempting to destabilize the West African nation. 

This accusation follows a recent military coup that removed President Mohamed Bazoum from office. 

The junta released a statement on national television claiming that a French aircraft had breached Niger’s airspace, raising concerns about a potential plot to create discord within the country. 

Col. Amadou Abdramane, the junta’s spokesperson, implied that French forces might aim to create insecurity to undermine the caretaker government, the National Council for the Safeguard of the Country (CNSP). 

The junta also alleged that the French government had released 16 terrorists who then planned an attack on Niger’s National Guard position. 

The attack took place in the Tillaberi region, prompting Niger to declare a state of high alert across the country. 

The CNSP informed the national and international community about the serious ongoing events in Niger, attributing them to the French military forces. 

The junta, which recently appointed a transitional prime minister, is committed to ensuring Niger’s stability. 

France, once a colonial power in Niger, maintains a military presence in the Sahel region for counterterrorism efforts. As of now, French officials have not commented on these accusations.


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