Expert States Nigeria’s Ability to Handle Anthrax Outbreak

Photo: Participants at the meeting to discuss impact of recent Fuel price increase on food security

In the wake of an Anthrax bacterial disease outbreak in certain regions of the country, Dr. Yila Umoru, Managing Director of Omniagrik Specialities Ltd, has expressed confidence in Nigeria’s ability to effectively handle the situation.

Dr. Umoru highlighted that Anthrax, a bacterial disease first reported in Ghana three months ago, has now reached Nigeria, primarily affecting livestock such as cattle, donkeys, and horses.

Attributing the disease’s spread to animals with legs, Dr. Umoru underscored the risk of transmission from animals to humans through direct contact. However, he assured the public that consistent measures, including vaccinations, can effectively address this concern.

Addressing a gathering of journalists organized by the Africa Media Development Foundation (AMDF) and Omniagrik Specialities Ltd, Dr. Umoru delved into the broader impact of the recent fuel price increase and Anthrax outbreak on the nation’s food security.

He also provided reassuring information about the consumption of animal by-products, specifically hides like “Kpomo.” While dispelling fears of potential Anthrax transmission through such consumption, he recommended thorough cooking as a precautionary measure to ensure safety.

Dr. Umoru further explored the intricate relationship between fuel price hikes, transportation logistics, and their effects on agricultural produce originating from remote areas. He emphasized the additional complexity introduced by forex deregulation, making it challenging for farmers to obtain vital imported chemicals for their operations.

Examining the complete value chain, from conception to distribution of food products, Dr. Umoru offered a comprehensive understanding of the ongoing challenges.

The meeting served as a platform for journalists and experts to exchange knowledge and insights, shedding light on the intricate challenges faced by Nigeria’s food security in light of recent developments.


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