Indian train attack:  Railway Security guard shoots four dead 

Photo .NDTV

A Railway Protection Force (RPF) constable in India has been apprehended after fatally shooting four individuals aboard a train close to Mumbai. 

The accused, Chetan Kumar, is alleged to have killed a senior RPF official and three passengers. Authorities are delving into the motive behind the attack and working to identify the deceased passengers. 

The RPF is responsible for safeguarding railway passengers and assets in India. The incident occurred at approximately 05:30 local time, as the train was en route from Jaipur, Rajasthan to Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Initially, Mr. Kumar targeted Tikaram Meena, an assistant sub-inspector with the RPF, before firing upon three other passengers, as detailed in an RPF statement. 

The event took place shortly after the train passed Palghar, roughly 96km (60 miles) away from Mumbai. Following the shooting, Mr. Kumar activated the in-house alarm chain designed for emergencies and attempted to flee. 

He was subsequently captured on the outskirts of Mumbai and taken into custody. Neeraj Verma, the general manager of Western Railways, expressed sorrow over the incident and clarified that there was no information regarding any altercation between the RPF constable and the assistant sub-inspector.


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