Banditry: Zamfara Security Trust fund bill scale third reading in State Assembly

Zamfara State Security Trust Fund Bill, along with other related matters, has achieved a significant milestone by successfully passing its third reading. 

This achievement was realized after the presentation of reports, which were read at the House of the Chamber by Honourable Bashiru Abubakar Masama, the Chairman of the House Committee on Security.

On the 10th of July 2023, the House received a communication from the executive branch, urging the House to deliberate upon the Governor’s proposal for the establishment of the Zamfara State Security Trust Fund and other associated issues.

Delving into the details of the report, Masama elaborated on the comprehensive efforts undertaken by the House Committee on Security and the Committee on Justice. 

These committees were entrusted with the responsibility of engaging stakeholders and consulting neighboring states. Remarkably, within two weeks, they conducted thorough consultations, convened a public hearing, and diligently conducted oversight activities. 

Notably, they also visited Kaduna State to glean additional insights, given that a similar Board had already been implemented there.

Having painstakingly examined all the recommendations and observations, the Chairman emphatically urged his fellow lawmakers to endorse the recommendations and accord the bill its crucial third reading.

Following a thorough and thoughtful deliberation among the members, the Speaker of the House,  Biliyaminu Ismail, directed Alhaji Shehu Sai’du Anka, the clerk of the House, to formally grant the bill its third reading and subsequently forward it to the executive Governor for the essential approval process.


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