ALLEGED POLICE BRUTALITY: Teenager dies in police custody, family seeks justice  

Photo. Kaduna Governor Senator Uba Sani

The parents of an 18-year-old teenager named Faiz Abdullahi, who reportedly passed away while in police custody, are fervently seeking justice from the authorities in Kaduna state.

According to the family, the young man tragically lost his life due to alleged torture suffered during questioning at the New Barrack Divisional Police office in the state on Saturday.

Faiz had been apprehended by local vigilantes and subsequently handed over to the police following accusations of theft.

Narrating the events, Faiz’s mother, Maryam Abdullahi, and his brother, Adamu Tukur, explained that Faiz had been detained in connection with a bag of sugar he stumbled upon in a farm close to their residence in the Gobirawa community of Hayin Banki, Kawo Kaduna.

Maryam mentioned that the day after the discovery of the bag, her son was taken into custody. She painfully recounted witnessing the brutal treatment meted out to him by the policemen at the station.

She further revealed that, during her attempts to provide meals for him, she was consistently denied access to see her son by the on-duty officers.

Adamu, Faiz’s brother, corroborated the account, noting that he had been present at the station when the policemen subjected his late brother to physical abuse. He added that they were forcefully instructed to leave the premises on the very day Faiz was arrested.

Adamu continued, stating that two days later, he returned to the station seeking information about his brother but was turned away. Subsequently, he was informed that Faiz was receiving medical treatment at Barau Dikko Hospital.

Both Adamu and his mother expressed an unwavering commitment to pursuing justice for Faiz, emphasizing that they would not forgive those deemed responsible for his untimely demise.

Mukhtar Hassan, the Deputy Public Relations Officer of the Kaduna State Police Command, conveyed that the Commissioner of Police had initiated an investigation into the matter. He assured that justice would be served in memory of the deceased.


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