Kaduna Bridge at Risk, Residents Sound Alarm

Residents of Abuja Road in Rigasa, Igabi Local Government, Nigeria, are expressing grave concerns about the deteriorating condition of the bridge in their community.

 As a vital link between Rigasa and neighboring areas, this bridge plays a crucial role in facilitating transportation and road connectivity. 

The bridge’s expansion has become a source of alarm for residents who fear its collapse. 

Mallam Shehu Danladi, a respected community member, highlights the urgency of the situation and calls upon stakeholders to intervene promptly.

He explained that the bridge has served as a lifeline, connecting Rigasa with neighboring communities for over a decade.

 It was gathered that Gully erosion poses a severe threat to the bridge’s integrity.

“Immediate intervention from the state government is crucial to prevent a potential collapse and safeguard the communities that rely on this infrastructure” he said.

Shehu Danladi appeals to organizations such as SEMA, NEMA, the Red Cross, and humanitarian entities to provide their much-needed assistance to the affected community. Their support is vital in mitigating the imminent risk.

Similarly,the African Climate Reporters, who recently visited the area, call upon the newly elected Governor of Kaduna State, Senator Uba Sani, to demonstrate strong leadership and swiftly support the distressed residents. 


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