Female workers forced to strip in Kenyan factory due to use sanitary pad discovery


Three individuals have been apprehended following an incident at a Kenyan cheese factory, where employees were reportedly coerced into undressing to determine who was menstruating.

 According to an official, a manager at Brown’s Food Company gathered female workers in an attempt to identify the individual responsible for discarding a used sanitary towel in the wrong bin.

 After failed attempts to extract a confession, the manager compelled the women to disrobe.

Brown’s Food Company has suspended the accused manager pending an investigation, as stated in their official response.

 Local authorities in Limuru have charged three people with indecent assault in connection with the incident.

Senator Gloria Orwoba, addressing the matter through a Facebook video, mentioned receiving a distress call regarding the events that occurred on Monday night.

According to Senator Orwoba, the manager discovered a used sanitary towel in one of the bins not designated for such disposal.

She initially assembled the women to inquire about the responsible party.
 When no one admitted guilt, the manager resorted to determining who was menstruating in order to administer punishment to the individual who disposed of the sanitary towel in the incorrect bin.

 Senator Orwoba, an advocate against period shaming, expressed her attempts to intervene in the matter, although the company was unable to resolve the issue with their employees.

Brown’s Food Company released a statement on their website, expressing their sadness over the incident and acknowledging that it does not align with the company’s overall procedures.

They stated their intention to engage a women’s health expert to provide sensitivity training, enhance communication, and strengthen existing policies and procedures.
 The company also revealed plans for an independent investigation.
Local law enforcement confirmed that they conducted a thorough investigation, obtained statements from the victims, and subsequently arrested three suspects.

 They further revealed that similar incidents had occurred in other companies in the vicinity. Philip Mwania, the local police chief, warned employers engaged in such demeaning and shaming behavior that justice would be served to all victims.

Period shaming is a significant issue in Kenya, as highlighted by campaigners. In a separate incident in February, Senator Orwoba was compelled to leave parliament due to an apparent blood stain on her trousers.



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