Flood: Expert warns against indiscriminate waste disposal


By I. Y , Kaduna

Renowned climatologist Comrade Nurudden Bello has issued an urgent warning about the uncontrolled disposal of solid waste, urging citizens to take immediate action to prevent flooding and waterborne disease outbreaks in their communities.

Bello emphasized the harmful effects of indiscriminate littering and highlighted how it contributes to flood disasters, dangerous infections, and environmental pollution.


He called for collective efforts to combat these challenges and protect humans, animals, and the environment.


Bello stressed the importance of maintaining clean surroundings, specifically by preventing trash from clogging gutters, which can lead to floods and ecological disasters.

He also cautioned against dumping garbage into rivers and oceans, as it endangers aquatic life and increases the risk of extinction.

Bello plans to utilize social media platforms to raise awareness among African youths about the harmful effects of plastic waste disposal.


He called upon emergency management agencies and humanitarian organizations to intensify their efforts in educating the public about the hazards of dumping hazardous chemical waste into gutters.

Overall, Bello urges citizens to prioritize cleanliness and proper waste disposal to prevent flood disasters and waterborne diseases.


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