10th National Assembly Will Not Be Rubber Stamp-Senator Ndume

Photo: Senator Ali Ndume

The Senate Chief Whip, Senator Ali Ndume, has emphasized that the 10th National Assembly, led by Senate President Godswill Akpabio, will not be a mere rubber stamp.

Senator Ndume expressed his belief that senators are mature enough to act independently, highlighting that even the executive branch does not desire them to be subservient.

He further pointed out that the President, his wife, and the National Chairman of the party are all former senators who understand the workings of the Assembly.

Addressing the issue of executive interference in the National Assembly’s affairs, in a BBC Hausa program, Ndume acknowledged that such interference is not uncommon, as previous executives have also meddled in the Assembly’s activities.

However, he reassured that this interference did not significantly affect the leadership’s operations.

Regarding the rejection of principal officers, including himself, by the party, Senator Ndume refrained from commenting extensively.

As a senator and not an executive party member, he claimed to be unaware of the party’s stance on the matter.

When asked about the minority leadership, Ndume chose not to involve himself in the opposition parties’ affairs.

However, he stressed that the selected individuals have the support of the majority members of the Senate.

Senator Ndume assured Nigerians that the 10th Assembly would distinguish itself from its predecessors through improved performance and delivery.


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