Religious Leaders Prevent Another Blasphemous Murder in Sokoto

By A.I, Sokoto

A potential blasphemous murder in Sokoto State was averted due to the timely intervention of religious leaders in the state.

According to Rural Post, an argument broke out among a group of friends regarding the brutal murder of a Sokoto butcher, allegedly due to blasphemy.

One of them defended the deceased, which displeased the others, leading to threats of labeling him a blasphemer.

Confirming the incident, Sheikh Murtala Na-assada stated that the case involved their student and his friends.

The student took a stand against the killing, deeming it wrong and unjustifiable. As a result, his friends intended to accuse him of blasphemy. The sheikh revealed that they were informed about the situation and promptly intervened, and the case is now before the court.

However, Sheikh Na-assada expressed deep concern over the continued silence surrounding the gruesome murder of Usman Buda, the Sokoto butcher accused of blasphemy.

Buda was allegedly lynched for admonishing a beggar who used the Prophet’s name while seeking alms (sadaqa).

The cleric emphasized the gravity of the situation, warning that it could escalate into a sectarian crisis within the state.

He considered it a clear-cut case of homicide, with multiple sources confirming the butcher’s innocence.

Sheikh Na-assada feared that the failure of the state government and security agencies to apprehend the suspected killers might result in reprisals.

He shared that the victim’s family had vowed to seek revenge if the authorities failed to take action against their brother’s murderers.

To prevent potential reprisals and a subsequent crisis, the sheikh urged the government to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

Meanwhile, ASP Ahmad Rufa’i, spokesperson for the Sokoto State Police Command, confirmed on Wednesday that no arrests had been made in connection with the murder. However, investigations are still ongoing.


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