Kaduna CP Warns Hoodlums, Deploys 12,000 Policemen for Eid-Kabir Security

Kaduna State Police Commissioner, CP Musa Garba Yusuf, has issued a strong warning to criminal elements intending to disrupt the upcoming Sallah celebration in the state.

 To ensure the safety of citizens during the festive period, the police command has deployed a significant force of 12,000 officers across all 23 Local Government Areas.

During a press conference held after a meeting with Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) in preparation for the festivities, CP Musa Garba Yusuf emphasized the command’s commitment to maintaining law and order.

 He urged hoodlums and terrorists to be aware that the police are fully prepared to deal decisively with any threats to the peace and security of the state.

CP Musa Garba Yusuf instructed all DPOs to devise effective strategies to guarantee a smooth and incident-free Eid celebration.

He vowed to bring an end to the previous leniency shown towards criminals, ensuring that they no longer have free rein in the state.

In a plea to these troublemakers, CP Musa Garba Yusuf urged them to reconsider their destructive ways and contribute positively to the development of the state.

 He made it clear that any destructive activities during the festive period would not be tolerated.

The police commissioner emphasized the importance of citizen safety and instructed the DPOs to take all necessary measures to protect the people of Kaduna State throughout the celebrations.

 The command is determined to provide a secure environment for everyone to enjoy the festivities without fear or disruption.


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