Firm Empowers 80 Local Farmers in Kaduna with Cassava Processing Skills


  • From M I, Kaduna

    Com Engineering and Construction Limited has successfully conducted a comprehensive training program for 80 farmers, including youth and women, representing all 23 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Kaduna State.

    The training focused specifically on enhancing the farmers’ knowledge and expertise in cassava processing, encompassing areas such as packaging, value addition, and utilization.

    The Kaduna State Agricultural Development Agency, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) held the innitive.

    Mrs. Afun I. Blessing, Principal Agriculture Officer and representative from the FMARD in Abuja, emphasized the significance of the training and urged participants to take full advantage of the opportunity.

    Dr. Abubakar Bayero, the General Manager of the Kaduna State Agricultural Development Agency, expressed his hope that the trained farmers would share their newly acquired knowledge and skills with other farmers in their respective communities, extending the benefits beyond the training program itself.

    The training covered various cassava processing techniques, with a special emphasis on the potential for agriculture as a viable business venture. Dr. Bayero encouraged the farmers to utilize this training to establish their own cassava processing enterprises, enabling them to become employers and achieve self-reliance.

    He further emphasized the long-term impact of such ventures, stating that the farmers could play a significant role in reducing unemployment in Nigeria by establishing their cassava processing factories.



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