Man,35, arrested for raping 3 year old

By M.I, Kaduna

Kaduna state witnessed a horrifying incident as Kabiru Abdullah, a 35-year-old father of two, was apprehended for allegedly raping a three-year-old girl.

Vigilantes in Zaria City took swift action, capturing the suspect on June 8, 2023, and subsequently turning him over to the local police.

DSP Mohammed Jalige, the Public Relations Officer of the State Police Command said  the suspect confessed to his heinous crime.

The suspect claimed that the young girl had entered the room while he was eating, and after finishing his meal, he made the appalling decision to violate her.

Expressing remorse, he acknowledged the detrimental impact his actions would have on his family’s reputation. The suspect revealed that he had resided in the community for 12 years before the incident.

DSP Mohammed Jalige, the Police Command’s Public Relations Officer, affirmed that the suspect would face charges in court once the investigation concludes.

DSP Jalige further issued a cautionary message to parents, urging them to be vigilant about their children’s whereabouts.


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